EHS Counselors wearing black t-shirts
(Left to Right: Robin Aukland, Michelle Saelee, Deitra Smith, Molly Huhn )


Welcome to the Enterprise High School Counseling Center. Our goal is to help our students be successful during their high school career and to prepare them for their future. We meet with students and parents for a variety of reasons, including; academic, social, personal and career goals. We look forward to working with you!


Contact info:

Deitra Smith - A - C  Counselor
(530) 245-2765, Ext.12511

Molly HuhnD - Lep Counselor
(530) 245-2765, Ext.12579

Robin Aukland - Leq - R Counselor
  (530) 245-2765, Ext.12510

Michelle Saelee - S - Counselor
(530) 245-2765, Ext.12512

Nancy Harless - Counseling Secretary
(530) 245-2765, Ext.12516
(530) 222-5138 (fax)
Debra Del Carlo - Registrar
(530) 245-2765, Ext.12514
(530) 222-5138 (fax)