Principal's Message

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As a school community, we value mutual respect, compassion and service to others and becoming intelligent and critical thinkers for a challenging world. Enterprise culture is like no other and students here demonstrate an extreme amount of pride in their school through their intense spirit. Students experience a diverse array of rigorous courses and a multitude of extracurricular opportunities help to create graduates who possess a versatile skill set and ready for opportunities that await them. In the end, we want our students to become highly effective professionals and forces for positive change in our society. Please browse our website and look at our course offerings, athletic and club opportunities as well as our Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs). As the EHS Principal, I maintain an open door policy to the community and to our parents and students. I always welcome an open dialogue about education, our school and the service we are providing to our students.
Ryan Johnson
EHS Principal

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  • We value education.
  • We engage our students with a challenging curriculum.
  • We are accountable for our education.

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  • We share responsibility for achieving success in academics, activities, arts and athletics
  • We communicate school-wide success and achievement

No_Sympathy_Groups Card IconNo Sympathy GroupsTop of Page

  • We value all students and staff and their role in the education process
  • We demonstrate character, vision and tolerance through empathy with diversity
  • We are a resource for each other