Work Experience


    • An elective course for juniors and seniors who have a part-time job.
    • A unique program that is designed to link the school curriculum (WE class) with the world of work (your job).
    • Students in the program earn high school credit by attending a weekly class that teaches job skills, habits, and attitudes conducive to employment success.
    • A program that assists students to choose a career wisely, prepare for full-time employment suited to their abilities and interests, and learn to work with others in successful and rewarding ways.


    A student must:
    • Be a junior or senior
    • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
    • Have good attendance at school
    • Be enrolled in four district classes
    • Be employed at a worksite where at least minimum wage is paid and deductions are taken
    • Covered by Workers’ Compensation by the Employer


    • A student in Work Experience can:
    • Earn school credit for working.
    • Earn money while learning. A WE student can work a maximum of 32 hours per week.
    • Learn the knowledge, skills, work habits and attitudes necessary for successful job performance.
    • Develop a sense of responsibility and self-reliance through supervised, paid employment experiences.
    • Earn one unit of Shasta College credit if he/she meets the requirements


    • Enroll in Outside Work Experience:
      • OWE (8000) = 1 PERIOD
      • OWE 2 (8005) = 2 PERIODS
    • Complete the required Work Experience forms that will be given to you by your instructor.
    • Attend the Work Experience class once a week and complete class assignments.
    • Submit weekly time cards signed by the worksite supervisor verifying hours worked.
    • Average at least 10 to 20 hours of work per week


    • Labor Laws for Minors
    • Occupational Safety Training
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Payroll Deductions and Pay Stubs
    • Income Taxes
    • Customer Service Skills
    • Career Exploration
    • Employment Skills
    • Economic Awareness
    • How to Properly Leave a Job
    • And more…

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